I need to verify a Text present in the page through WebDriver. I look to use css first and for the elements and attributes I try to be as specific as needed without being overly specific and tying myself into page structure. We can use a combination of “click” and “waitForTextPresent” to verify the presence of the text “Providing your birthday. Sign up using Email and Password. The old verifyTextPresent checks for the presence of the text in the entire page. Post as a guest Name.

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assertText, verifyText – Selenium IDE Commands Tutorial

And only check for this expected result: The ready-to-import-and-run source code of all demo macros can be found in the Github repository testmacros folder. I like to see the result as boolean true or false. If you are not bothered about the location of the text present, then verifytectpresent could use Driver. We should never use the compound class name while finding the element using the className method.

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Verify Element Present, waitFor, andWait in Selenium IDE

These things will change over time both in their usage and names so I would look webcriver add attributes about the mean of the content, e. Ritesh Karwa 1, 7 The old verifyTextPresent checks for the presence of the text in the entire page.


If not, it throws an error. Verify Specific Position of an Element Selenium IDE indicates the position of verifytextpredent element by measuring in pixels how far it is from the left or top edge of the browser window.

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These commands are more appropriate to be used on AJAX-based dynamic websites that change values and elements without reloading the whole page. Contains “expected message”. Post as a guest Name. Examples are clickAndWait typeAndWait selectAndWait waitFor commands These are commands that wait for a specified condition to become true before proceeding to the next command irrespective of loading of a new page.

Go question seems to be lacking some information. Email Required, but never shown. PageSource property as below: Have you ever used these in your test automation scripts? The difference is that verify command will verify the condition and if it does not match, it will only show an error message in log area and the macro continues to run.

Assert and verify commands are both useful for verifying condition match or not. Have to include Minitest to get the asserts assert driver.


Below code is most suitable way to verify a text on page. Yes, you can do that which returns boolean. Have in mind that it is case sensitive and you should be careful of that.

If “Welcome” is missing, the macro stops since we used assert. You can verify your success message using assert. Can any one help on this by giving the WebDriver code? I cannot see any “Dear admin” in the message and instead of “assertEquals” try “assertTrue” and “contains”.

What is an Object Repository?

Implementing Assert and Verify logic in Selenium WebDriver

Currently the page markup is mostly about the placement and appearance, e. Does the text always appear in the same element? Have any other solution to verify this success message.

For Ruby programmers here is how you can assert. I wrote you already: TestNG is a Testing framework that covers different types of test designs like unit, functional,