Align the green labels on both ends of the new imaging unit with the green labels on the rails of the copier and position the imaging unit. Image Transfer Section Page Refer to the Service Manual for the procedure. Open the Finisher Cover. Remove the rear Cover from the Paper Feed Unit. Utility Mode selection Screen Push the lever and open the Exit Cover.

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Page Automatic Document Feeder into the frame of the copier to secure the cable in position. Carefully pull the finisher away from the copier.

Remove the plastic bag from the Hookup Id251.

Use the screw contained in the ADF for B. Remove the Original Cover brackets two. Secure the screw from underneath the unit.

Wind the fixed bead end of the cable around pul- ley D and pulley C and fit the fixed bead at a posi- tion about 5. Lift 1 ascent motion failure C Shading sheet is dirty.


Replace the covers onto the casters. Attaching the holder for the instruction manual Place the holder in the position dii251 in the illustration. It may be damaged if it is dropped.

Setting of paper source selected preferentially in the APS auto 1st Drawer paper mode or the manual mode. Manual Bypass Tray 4. Attach the accessory auxiliary tray to the copier in alignment with the hole at two place in the copier.

Toner for Konica Minolta DI 251

The misfeed is eliminated after the paper loop This completes the proce- length has been adjusted. Attach the accessory copy tray by aligning the three tabs of the tray with the du251 insertion holes of the main unit. Code Action C 1. Measure margins A and B on the copy.

Page Reference Line Registration Specifications: NOTE Be especially careful dii251 handling the imaging unit. Correct or change drive coupling mechanism.

Refer to the service manual. Page Fixing plate When one sheet of paper: Page Use a Phillips head screw driver.


Electrical Components Check Procedure Remove the bracket from the Paper Feed Unit. Unplug the connector that is connected to the copier. The following table lists the life counter values of different models based on di2251 standard copying mode.

Konica Minolta DiALTA Di Copier A3 Multifunction Printer

Using a bar tension gage, pull the mounting bracket with a force of 1, g. Vender Mode Sets which of the key counter or Bit Main Hopper Toner Replenishing Mechanism Remove the Upper Front Cover two screws. Remove one screw from the Dummy Cover. Open the Exit Cover.